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Being "Bossy"

Bossy or a Leader?

Imagine this: A women who is determined to perform her best, a women who perseveres and doesn’t let anything stand in the way of her progress, a women who speaks up if something is not right, a women who demands respect. How would people perceive this women?

How about bossy, too serious, and unlikable.

Now imagine this: A man who is determined to perform his best, a man who perseveres and doesn’t let anything stand in the way of his progress, a man who speaks up if something is not right, a man who demands respect. How would people perceive this man?

How about a leader, has a strong personality, hardworking, and confident.

Why are those same qualities considered a bad thing in females, yet amazing qualities to have in a man? This same mentality is preventing the number of women in leadership from increasing. Why is it that when we imagine someone in a leadership position it is a man? Why is it that society always degrades women no matter what qualities they have- for example if a women cries she cannot control her emotions and she is weak, if she holds in her emotions she is stone cold and has no empathy.

Well it is time to change all of this, it is time we take initiative. Here are a few pieces of advice from some of the top female leaders:

Megan Quinn, partner, Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers:

“Be ruthlessly, unendingly curious”- Megan Quinn suggests putting in the effort and the hard-work to broaden your knowledge, to gain more experience and therefore be more skilled in your field “Read obsessively across many industries”.

Arianna Huffington president and editor-in-chief Huffington Post:

“Realise that success and balance go hand in hand and

“Don’t be afraid to fail” - it is important for women to realise that failing and making mistakes is part of the learning process, as women are often pressured to be perfect just to “keep up” with their male coworkers.

Mariam Naficy founder and CEO, Minted:

“One thing that it’s important to know is that you don’t have to give up having a family to be an entrepreneur”. This point is really important for women to understand as it has been embedded in our brains that being a women will mean having children which will therefore prevent us from going after our goals as it’s too “risky” and “irresponsible”. Mariam Naficy suggest that females can start working towards their goals from an early age which could therefore give them time in the future to have children if they even wish to.

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Written by Noor Al Hamadani


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