Mental Music: Our Story

July 1, 2018

What do you get when you cross mental health awareness with original songs written, performed and produced by young Australians? The MentalMusic podcast, an online platform created by young people, for young people, dedicated to discussing everything from school stress to dissociative disorders. If it’s affecting young people, it’s something we want to cover, in a way that combines education with the teen perspective.


MentalMusic came from humble beginnings - starting out as our founder Jordan’s high school English project in 2016, with a lot of hard work, it grew into a fully fledged start-up. In MentalMusic’s 1 year anniversary episode, Jordan described the process of creating the podcast: “Originally it started as an english project... my teacher started a project-based learning initiative called Verge Young Entrepreneurs in which students create their own startups to address a social issue... I chose mental health, because it was something I was dealing a lot with at the time.”


In February 2017, MentalMusic Episode 1: Discussing Mental Health was published on Soundcloud, and the MentalMusic podcast began. Since then, we’ve interviewed experts in psychology and youth initiatives, and reached over 3,000 listens on our first episode. Earlier this year we launched our blog, The Muse, with articles on topics ranging from stress to sexuality, featuring content from Sydney-based mental health awareness blog Story Of The Mind.


As a student-lead and founded initiative, we’ve been lucky enough to have been offered some amazing opportunities. Some highlights have included interviewing representatives from ReachOut and Headspace, publishing online content with the Foundation for Young Australians, and winning a mentorship from Little Tokyo Two. We’ve even been interviewed by the ABC, and won FYA’s award for 2017 Rookie Enterprise of the Year.


Although a lot of things have changed in the year-and-a-bit since our first episode, our goal is still the same: to break down the stigma surrounding mental health, and encourage open conversations about the spectrum of issues affecting young people today.


So, if you’re interested in music, mental health, or what it means to be a young person in today’s world, give us a listen on Soundcloud or on our website, We publish an episode every fortnight, plus three articles every week.


If you’re a young music creator, you can send in your songs to, and they could be featured in our next episode! And, to keep up to date on our content, follow us on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or Tumblr with @mentalmusicpod, so you can tune in and join the conversation.


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