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Join us at We the Women - a revolutionary 2 day in-person hackfest for women aged 17 - 25
July 1st & July 2nd 2023

PwC Tower, Auckland

Applications now closed.

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We the Women Hackfest


Join us at We the Women 2023. 


You will hear from inspirational speakers and join other amazing women to collaborate on a project to solve real world problems in UN Global Goal #5 - Gender Equality.


You will gain CV Worthy experience whilst creating positive impact (win:win!)  

You will join a hugely diverse group of women to share, learn, laugh, and build a network to change the world with.


Thanks to our sponsors, we are giving away full ride scholarships (worth $590) which covers your participation fee.

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What to Expect

Get Inspired:

Masterclasses, real talk, inspiring stories and practical advice from trailblazing women.

Get Hired:
Network with New Zealand’s leading employers and gain exclusive access to job and internship opportunities at PwC New Zealand, Spark and ANZ.  

Create Change:
Join a group of supporters, doers, and problem-solvers to solve a real world problem facing women today.

Have Fun:
After two full days (including lunch & sweet treats) you can celebrate with your new-found friends at the After Party. 

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Who Should Attend?


You! This event will bring together a group of 100+ diverse, friendly and inclusive women aged 17 - 25, with diverse passions across STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) Finance, Design, Gender Equality and Business. 

It’s a safe space for those who identify as women and are passionate about what they do - whatever that is - to come together and grow.

Titles aren't important.

Hierarchy isn't important.

Women inspiring and engaging with other women is what this event is all about.

At We the Women, you'll spend time with women from a diverse range of backgrounds, ethnicities, life experiences,  ages, and career stages and make life-long friendships with women who have your back. 

  • What is a Hackfest?
    A Hackfest turns a moment into a movement. A Hackfest has all the best parts of a conference but with a twist - we aren't just talking about social impact, we're making social impact. At We the Women, you will join other women to collaborate on a project to solve a real world problem facing women in the world today. You will gain tangible CV Worthy experience and connect with new-found friends in a super inclusive and supportive environment. No previous experience needed - just turn up and be your epic self! ❤️
  • What do our WTW Alumni say?
    In their own words: “For me, We the Women was the uplifting, inspiring experience I had been craving. Listening to the guest speakers, and talking with Alexia and the other young women I met really opened my eyes to what's possible in life; I realised the power of being unapologetically myself, of bringing self-confidence & kindness to any table, and the joy of being part of a team of wāhine with a purpose. We the Women was a weekend I'll never forget, and it has left a huge positive impact on me - I would 100% recommend it to anyone!” “We the Women has truly been a defining moment in my life so far. From listening to inspiring speakers to working in a team to create a solution towards the UN goal of Gender Equality, I have developed and learnt many skills (my first pitch ever!). The hackathon really instilled a sense of passion in me to work towards breaking down those gender gaps in society, especially as I was surrounded by such strong and capable women with the same goal. The main impact of this event for me would be walking away with so many new connections and friendships as well as a tangible idea to tackle gender inequality in the workplace! Can't fault the food either. A massive thank you to GirlBoss, PwC, Spark New Zealand, ANZ, and the volunteers and mentors, who all made We the Women possible and are supporting the future of young women.” “We the Women inspired me to work hard to achieve my career and financial goals. This year has been very busy but We the Women got me so excited for the future ahead of me. I learnt a lot about networking, the importance of financial independence, teamwork (especially working with new people with different interests and of different ages), presentations and pitches.” “It was truly a life-changing event, and I feel so empowered by the support and all the people I've met. Seeing everyone's passion about women in STEM made me felt like I am on the right path to achieve my goal."
  • What's our why?
    Inclusion and Community. Right now, only 20% of hackathon participants are women. We hope to fill that gap by providing a supportive and comfortable environment that is focused on learning and collaboration!
  • Who is it for?
    It's for you! This event will bring together a group of 100+ diverse, friendly and inclusive women aged 17 - 25. We are bringing together women who are inclusive, and encouraging, and interested in at least one of the following passion areas: Gender Equality, Technology, Innovation, Finance, Business, Entrepreneurship, Design, Science, Engineering, or Mathematics. It’s a safe space for those who identify as women and who are passionate about what they do - whatever that is - to come together and grow. Titles aren't important. Hierarchy isn't important. Women inspiring and engaging with other women is what this event is all about. Groups will be formed within the event, so individuals should apply.
  • So just how amazing is this event?
    Don't just take our word for it! Here are our 2022 results: 100% Are more confident to attend a Hackathon 100% Were inspired by the role models at We the Women 100% Have made new friends who support their passions 96% Would attend again 96% Feel more confident in themselves 96% Have found a sense of belonging within the STEM sector 88% would describe the programme as life-changing!
  • Do I need to have any previous technology experience?
    Nope! We value diverse strengths, experiences, and skill sets. Each team needs a variety of skills from designers to storytellers who can explain the value of the solution. This is the perfect place for anyone to learn more about the technology sector. We'll have plenty of resources and support for beginners. You will learn together and be fully supported the whole time. We're all about helping each other grow! We hope to foster a supportive environment so that each participant at We the Women feels welcome, comfortable, and empowered.
  • How do I apply?
    You can apply here: Because we have limited spaces, and diversity and inclusiveness matters to us, we need to run a selection process. If selected, you will receive a scholarship worth $590 to attend for free.
  • How much does this cost?
    Nothing! If selected, you will receive a full scholarship worth $590 to participate. Our amazing sponsors (Spark, PwC New Zealand, and ANZ) will hook you up with all the free swag!! ❤️
  • Are travel and accomodation expenses funded?
    No. If you live outside Auckland, you will need to arrange and fund your own transport and accommodation requirements.
  • Where can I read the Terms & Conditions & Code of Conduct?
    You can view the Terms & Conditions here. You can view the Code of Conduct here.
  • When will I find out if I have been successful?
    All applicants will be informed of the results of their application by June 19th 2023.
  • Where can I find more info about opportunities and events?
    If you'd like to stay updated on all things GirlBoss NZ, subscribe to our newsletter here.
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